To be "sustainable" means to actively practice a commitment to the maintenance of ecological balance, embracing products and operations that ensure the lowest environmental impact possible.


With this goal as our central mission, we strive to consider the environment over the sole pursuit of profit.  We are proud to support local businesses with like-minded values and aim to promote fair trade and ecologically sustainable products.  


We support sustainability by providing fresh produce and products that are grown and picked by the local farmers of Ontario.  


Ontario farmers have integrated a series of organic farming principles that support the reduction of emissions, as well as creates many other benefits such as; increased soil carbon stocks, decreased GHG emissions, and improved water retention.  

We also employ the services of 100km; a local food distributor who supplies to many restaurants and food businesses.  Established in 2007, their mission focuses on creating a sustainable, dynamic, and a viable local economy of food.


100km partners with farmers, which not only allows them to gain access to a large urban market but also enables them to set their own prices.


The fresh produce that 100km distributes on behalf of various Ontario farmers includes dairy products, eggs, cheese, meat and fish, dry goods, as well as a range of organic products.


We are also proud to offer a host of beverages that operate under an ethical business model, as we do.  For more information on these brands, see the featured brands tab.

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