In the past, et al. has hosted a variety of different themed conversation cafes in an effort to foster reciprocal and constructive deliberation of global and local issues and/or debatable concerns.  Some previous topics have included issues related to ethical supply chains in manufacturing and agriculture as well as facets of sustainability and fair trade that relate to these contemporary problems.  


Like our name suggests, et al. believes that the coordination of ideas and communication of unique perspectives provides a more comprehensive account of the entire picture.  This represents the power in academia, and reinforces the notion that informed, intellectual discussions combined with critical evaluation have the potential to change the world, and help us evolve as a society in a consistently favourable direction.  


If you have any ideas for a CONVERSATION CAFE TOPIC, we would be thrilled to hear from you, so we may continue to facilitate the positive and productive components of academic deliberation. 


Please email with your fresh and new ideas.        

et al. was thrilled to host our very first art show on Friday, January 17, and the event can only be described as a monumental success!


With an overwhelming attendance and encouraging engagement, the support that was demonstrated by our York University community was widely embraced and appreciated.


The amazing staff at et al. provided some delicious hors d'oeuvres for all attendees to enjoy, giving those who had never visited our lounge before a chance to taste some of our fresh food.


And to top it all off, two students from the Visual Arts and Art History programs sold their submissions! Congratulations to Cassandra Trembley and Simon Pellerin on their wonderful work and extraordinary success!   

Stay tuned for another art submission call in February, but until then, come check out the beautiful art we are lucky to have grace our walls until February 15, 2020.  




Cassandra Trembley with her SOLD 2018 piece, titled Cherry Blossom.

Simon Pellerin with his SOLD 2018 piece, titled Impact.

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