(a) Corporate Members  

The co-operative has 3 corporate (institutional members), namely, the York University Faculty Association (YUFA), the York University Graduate Student Association (YUGSA) and the Green Campus Co-operative (GCC).  The Board is willing to entertain membership requests from other York based organizations (that would be in line with the mission of the co-operative).

(b) Individual Members

Members of the following organizations can become individual members of the co-operative: (i) YUFA; (ii) YUGSA; (iii) GCC; (iv) York University Staff Association; (v) CUPE 3903, and (vi) Osgoode Hall Faculty Association (OHFA).

Why become a member?  

There are a variety of reasons for individuals to become a member:

(a) It enables you to attend and to vote at the Annual General Meeting;

(b) It enables you to run for the Board of Directors;

(c) It enables you to participate in member only events (e.g., wine and beer tastings);

(d) We need you to become a member, as by Ontario law, at least 50% of our sales need to be to our members.

How to become a member 

To become an individual member of the co-operative, please click the link below.

There is no fee for individuals to become a member.

Corporate members are required to pay a one-time fee (based upon their membership base).




The mandate of this committee is:


(1) to establish standards, including best practices, which can provide appropriate indicators to gauge the co-op’s commitment to ensuring social, ecological and financial sustainability in all its practices 


(2) to ensure effective monitoring and reporting of the co-op’s practices 


(3) to engage in and collaborate with other bodies (university offices/departments/programs/research institutes, NGO’s, other mission driven businesses) to support research and experimentation (e.g., pilot projects) which have the potential to increase the co-op’s performance along with that of its suppliers, partners and competitors.


As a mutual organization, the primary mission of the co-op is to meet the needs of the members in ways compatible with their goals and values.  The primary needs of the members of et al. have been defined as:


(1) Tasty, healthy and sustainable food and beverage products and services

(2) A site for informal social and intellectual engagement.


With regard to (1), the committee seeks to ensure not only that members are satisfied with the quality of goods and services on offer, but to provide them with opportunities to suggest ways to improve the available offerings (including through their active participation in the governance of the co-op).


With regard to (2), the committee organizes and/or works with student/faculty/department/program organizations to facilitate formal and informal events, such as pub nights, game nights, public lectures, beer/wine tasting, etc.


The mandate of this committee is:

(1) to facilitate education of its members, potential members and the broader community. 


The education mandate of the committee entails promoting general knowledge about co-operatives and what makes them a distinctive form of business organization as well as specific knowledge about key features of et al.’s mission, e.g., its commitment to sustainability, social justice, community engagement and experiential education.


(2) to promote the products and services of the co-operative to its members. 


The committee ensures that members are aware of the co-op’s services and products by overseeing the development of effective marketing campaigns, practices and materials across a variety of platforms.

For more information, or to join any of these committees, please email

Would you like to become a member?

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